Wednesday, December 23, 2009

RSC Practice

Saturday, December 5, 2009

RSC to hold 2nd Invitational Tournament

Riyadh Shuttlers Club is proud to invite badminton clubs in Riyadh to participate in the RSC 2nd Invitational Badminton Cup to be held on 07-08 January (1st Phase) and 14-15 January (2nd Phase/Open) 2010, at the Sunrise International School.

Please take note of the following Schedule:

11 December 2009 - 1st Meeting and Submission of Rosters (Inclusive of Levels)
18 December 2009 - Screening Meeting with Club Representatives or Chairmen
30 December 2009 - Final Submission of Entries & Drawing of Lots (Phase 1 & 2)
03 January 2010 - Settlement of Dues and Fees
07-08, 14-15 January 2010 - Tournament Proper
*All meetings will take place at the International Philippine School in Riyadh at 7:00PM

Should you have any inquiries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the following RSC Officers:

*Mr. Danny Tenerife (VP Internal) mobile:0509527739 email:
*Mr. Edward Padilla (VP External) mobile: 0507337595 email:
*Mr. Leonar Obmerga (VP Logistics) mobile: 0555192723
*Ms. Milcah Pascua (VP Mem.) mobile: 0504711005 email:
*Mr. Tommy Ambagan (Treasurer) mobile: 0541508183 email:
*Mr. Erwin Serrano (Info Officer) mobile: 0502917108

Ground Rules and forms will be distributed on the 1st Meeting.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RSC Participates in SBAHC 1st Regional Tournament

Monday, September 1, 2008


Saturday, May 3, 2008

RSC Dominates Class D Men's Double

Boboy Isidoro and Jihad Tumangan display their trophy as Champion in Class D Men's Double

Although the road to be on top maybe hard to achieve, the Riyadh Shuttlers Club (RSC) proves that winning, with a blend of honesty, fairness in seeding and valued sportsmanship, is more essential than supremacy.

RSC landed as 2nd runner-up behind Baddicts Arabia and Pinoy Badminton Club in the recent "Beat the Summer Heat Open Badminton Tournament" organized by the Filipino Badminton Federation – Riyadh last April 25 and May 1-2, 2008 at the Philippine Sunrise International School (PSIS).

RSCeans dominates the Class D Men’s Double category when 3 teams emerged as the top winners.

Buboy Isidoro and Jihad Tumangan was declared as over-all Champion followed by the tandem of fellow RSCeans Tommy Ambagan & Leo Non and Danny Tenerife and Dexter Sangil who won 1st and 2nd runner-up respectively.

Kristine Martinez and Anita Fernandez won 1st Runner-up in the D Women’s Category and Irma Tenerife and Eloisa Syfu was proclaimed as 2nd runner-up in the Class E Women’s Double.

The players who have shown great performances are as follows:

Class E Men’s Double

Alexis Pasco & Jong Durago – Final round

Chris Luzana and Glen Paz – Semi – Final round

Class D Mixed

Yasser Jawed and Kristine Martinez – semi-final round

Class D Men’s Double

Yasser Jawed and Danny Palisoc – semi final round

Here is the complete list of winners:

Class A Single:

Champion – Deric Gonsalvez – IISR BC

1st Runner-up – Rihan Asfand – IISR BC

2nd Runner-up – Apol Patricio - RESC

Class A Men’s Double

Champion – Benny Mathews/Sanel Paul – IISR BC

1st Runner-up – Eapen Matthew/ Deric Gonzalves – IISR BC

2nd Runner-up – Apol Patricio/ Frank – RESC

Class B Single

Champion – Taufiq M. Ahmed – IISR BC

1st Runner-up – Hussain Jamal – IISR BC

2nd Runner-up – MAqbool Manalody – IISR BC

Class B Men’s Double

Champion – Kune Ven / Anthony Manabat - Baddicts

1st Runner-up – Jojo and Akhlish – IISR BC

2nd Runner-up – Hussain J. / Sajith Tazath – IISR BC

Class C - Mixed

Champion – Anthony Manabat/Josephine Dupet - Baddicts

1st Runner-up – Alfred Lumba/Ethel Lumba - PBC

2nd Runner-up – Joel Senobio/Amydel Cruz – PBC

Class C Men’s Double

Champion – Kune Ven/Anthony Manabat - Baddicts

1st Runner-up – Joel Senobio/Ryan Francis Recto – PBC

2nd Runner-up – Alfred Lumba/Dennis Macaspac – PBC

Class D – Mixed

Champion – Kune Ven/Cecil Velasco - Baddicts

1st Runner-up – Dennis Macaspac/Nena Mateo - PBC

2nd Runner-up – Marlon Laquio/Nour Hema Youtkon – PBC

Class D – Women’s Double

Champion – Siti Rohani Kasirie - PBC

1st Runner-up – Anita Fernandez/Kristine Martinez – RSC

2nd Runner-up – Cecil Velasco/Marical carlos – Baddicts

Class D – Men’s Double

Champion – Boboy Isidoro/Jihad Tumangan - RSC

1st Runner-up – Leo Non/Tommy Ambagan – RSC

2nd Runner-up – Danny Tenerife /Dexter Sangil – RSC

Class E Mixed

Champion – Unjang Modin/Nelda Sulima - Baddicts

1st Runner-up – Don Lazaro Viray/Christine Catalo- PBC

2nd Runner-up – Arnel Monzon/Gina Manalaysay – Baddicts

Class E Women’s Double

Champion – Christine Catallo/Nour Hema Youtkon - PBC

1st Runner-up – Gina Manalaysay/Josephine Dupet - Baddicts

2nd Runner-up – Irma Tenerife /Eloisa Syfu – RSC

Class E Men’s Double

Champion – Modin Unjang/Walter Mangalindan - Baddicts

1st Runner-up – Ritchie Tiongson/Arnel Monson - Baddicts

2nd Runner-up – Benjie Anog/Bhong Macatuno – Baddicts

Best in Uniform – Baddicts

Best in Participation – Pinoy Badminton Club (PBC)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RSC in Action 2

Photos by: Alan Dias Syfu

For more pictures, click HERE

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Party all Night!

White Flashers Team flashing their winning smile.

Riyadh Shuttlers Club (RSC) members, together with their families and friends enjoyed the Awarding Ceremony and overnight party last Thursday, April 10, 2008 at Estiraha in Exit 8.

Dexter Sangil, VP for Internal Affairs and Tournament Director, facilitated the awarding of trophies and medals to the winners of the recently concluded RSC 2008 Internal Tournament.

Special Awards were also given to the following:

1. Best Defensive Player – Chris Luzana
2. Best Double Players – Yaseer Arafat Jaweed and Danny Palisoc
3. Most Improved Player – Alexis Pasco
4. Best Smasher – Tom Ambagan
5. Mr. Suave (?) Player – Buboy Ibanez

Trophies and Medals were donated by Jong Durago and Dexter Sangil respectively.

Likewise, 3 RSC members, who will be going back to the Philippines for their subsequent studies, were given recognition by RSC. They are Richzelle Pamfilo, Salahuddin Mauntol and Edcor Quiambao.

The occasion was more exciting during the Bingo Bonanza, which lasted until 2:00 in the morning, where everyone was given a chance to win valuable prizes donated by Mr. & Mrs. Mabaning, Edward Padilla, Noche Mabaning, Tom Ambagan, Vince & Marite Mangawang, Erwin Serrano, Ms. Helen Casal (c/o Buboy Ibanez), Bert Beja, Johnson Boado, Leo Obmerga & Jimmy Bruno Family.

Kids enjoyed plunging into the pool amidst the chilly ambiance, while their parents amused themselves together in a videoke fun and card games.

For more photos, click HERE.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Photo by: Roni Roa

White Flashers Team, captained by Danny Tenerife, emerged as the over-all champion against Green Power Team, when they won 9 games out of 13 games in different Categories, during the recently concluded RSC 2008 Internal Tournament last Thursday, April 3, 2008 at the International Philippine School in Riyadh Multi-Purpose Court.

Complete list of winners are as follows:,

White Flashers Team

Men’s Double

Salah Mauntol / Buboy Nunez –D+ Category
Tom Ambagan/Jihad Tumangan –D+ Category
Farhan Fazal Quereshi/Nasser Sayed –E+ Category
Richard Enso/Farhan Fazal Quereshi –E+ Category
Kenneth Lejano/Jona Syfu – E Category

Women’s Double

Noche Mabaning/Richzelle Pamfilo – D+ Category
Richzelle Pamfilo/Eloisa Syfu – D Category
Sarah Bairullah/Irma Tenerife – E+ Category

Mixed Double

Edward Padilla/Noche Mabaning – C/D+ Category

Green Power Team

Men’s Double

Vince Mangawang/ Bert Beja – C/D+ Category
Yasser Arafat Jaweed/Danny Palisoc – D+ Category
Christopher Luzana/Alexis Pasco – D Category
Dennis Lejano/Leo Obmerga – D Category

For more photos taken by Mr. Roni Roa, please click HERE

Friday, March 21, 2008


Photos by: RSCean Alan Diaz Syfu